Engineering the impossible

Bitextender is a software engineering company constantly exploring and integrating new and established approaches for building next generation enterprise software. We believe in Open Source laying the foundation for developing the best software, and thus we majorly support and drive the development of the Open Source enterprise framework Agavi.

Our Services

Bitextender GmbH delivers - based on many years of experience in the field of web applications, web technologies, and scalable high-performance applications – the expertise and services needed to make your project a success. We can work within your project and take overall responsibility for it, or can support your employees on the project. To that end we offer training and technical assistance to help your development team succeed.

Bitextender has proven techniques and practices based on many projects and many years of experience. That experience leads to successful projects and productive use of the Agavi framework.

Bitextender offers you a range of support services, mostly focused on providing value-add to the Agavi framework, but not restricted to it.

Custom Engineering & Consulting
Agavi Support
Agavi Trainings & workshops